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Our Story

Mr. Greenies Garden Supply history goes back to when Michael was a young man. In 2010, there was a subdivision garage sale which he decided to attend. He found this hydroponic tomato bucket and the owner stated they did not know how to use it. Out of extreme curiosity, Michael bought it and it’s supplies for $10. This passion rose when he walked into his first grow store. It sparked his curiosity and inspired him to grow his knowledge. His instincts drove him towards organics and experimenting with this bucket. Many plants and years later, he has developed superior knowledge in growing all sorts of things in all sorts of mediums. 


Growing up, Michael’s grandma Paula, had always been his biggest fan. She always supported Michael’s wildest dreams. She too was a gardener of all sorts of things. She was one of many people who influenced his passion for gardening. The logo represents memories of his summers spent with grandma learning new things about gardening. 


Who would’ve thought $10 would inspire Michael’s journey and now wanting to give back to the community? Michael wants others to learn by his experiences so they can be successful gardeners and possibly self-sustaining. There is no better feeling than to sow a seed, harvest it, and taste the flavor of their hard work. Mr. Greenies Garden Supply is here to support the community with its gardening needs.

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